about Us

Established in 2002, Jardín Mágico is a grassroots child care center focused on the value of cultural learning and a healthy environment. Xavier and Natalie Lopez, owners of Jardin Magico, were recipients of the 2008 Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal Minority Business Award. Conscientious parents choose us because of our commitment to the following priorities:

Bilingual Education:

Children exposed to more than one language in early childhood prepare their brains for openness to learning and a context-based world view.

Unparalleled Cleanliness & warmth:

The teachers here are extremely caring and respectful. Our space is colorful, bright, filled with music, and smells of wholesome food! Our cleanliness standards surpass any facility in the child care field. We disinfect toys and surfaces daily and maintain a healthy learning environment at all times.

Natural Food alternatives:

Jardín Mágico believes in the importance of providing small children with well balanced, naturally based, organic and hormone-free foods. We house our own commercial kitchen, certified by the MN Department of Health, to carry out this priority. Children are served breakfast, a snack, and a warm lunch that is prepared on site from fresh ingredients each day.

wholesome Care & Environmental Stewardship:

All three age groups enjoy culturally-rich bilingual curriculums that are planned new and fresh each week. Children enjoy a variety of fresh activities indoors, as well as a lot of time playing and exploring outdoors. Infants and Toddlers use cloth diapers, reducing the waste produced by disposables.


Jardín Mágico teaches children mutual respect for diverse cultures, and an authentic experience of language learning that can only be carried out by Spanish-speaking staff who model this language throughout the day. Our curriculums give the children an irreplaceable opportunity to learn about the world through each other and through the Spanish language. The diversity of the children enrolled here proves the authenticity of our culturally-based program. Minneapolis has a very diverse population of families and a child’s day care experience should represent that.